Fitness made easy
Fitness made easy

Our story

You want to stay fit

And love working out too


There's always a "but" that stops you


Makes you miss your workout

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Perhaps a new grey hair




The list is endless

What if you could work out anytime, anywhere, with anyone you like

With a trainer guiding you and amping up your heart rate 

How does that sound?

We have a solution for you

For reimagining your path to fitness

Let's call it a fitness revolution

No more tackling traffic and no more excuses

Work out at home, your terrace, a park, your hotel room, or wherever you are

With a group of fitness enthusiasts and awesome trainers...LIVE

Join the DIGITAL fitness revolution


Created by people just like YOU

technologists, runners, cyclists, trekkers, swimmers

(Who've been there and faced the same roadblocks)

Powered by technology we built for YOU


Who are we?



Don't just say it

Experience it